UP students react on ‘alternative campaign’ of politicians

By Ellouise Cachero

The students of University of the Philippines Diliman spoke their minds regarding candidates who employ information commercials or infomercials as an ‘alternative campaign’ before February 12, the official start of the national campaign period.

Senatorial candidates such as Bam Aquino, Cynthia Villar, Sonny Angara, Jamby Madrigal are among the candidates who utilized infomercials as an ‘alternative campaign’.

According to Supreme Court, it is legal to produce infomercials and advocacy advertisements even before the campaign period as it is considered to be an act of expressing their freedom of speech. The rule on pre-mature campaigning states that “a candidate is liable for an election offense only for acts done during the campaign period, not before.”

Here’s what the Iskolar ng Bayan have to say:


3 thoughts on “UP students react on ‘alternative campaign’ of politicians

  1. I don’t get the impression of earnest concern from those infomercials. I find them just opportunistic and pretentious.

  2. I also agree that the media platforms (like television networks) play a great role in the premature campaign of these politicians. Pero what can we do, ika nga nila, pera pera lang ‘yan. If these politicians are able to slap them with cash, they’d be more than willing to air those disguised campaign materials.

  3. It’s unfortunate that the Comelec wasn’t able to do anything about it ever since the Supreme Court made the ruling in Penera v. Comelec that enabled politician-wannabes to promote themselves before the election period because they’re still not officially considered candidates. The least we can do (since we have to live with this tomfoolery already) is to not vote for the candidates who resorted to various ka-epalan tactics such as promoting themselves in infomercials.

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